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Beards make the man ... sexy

December 3, 2009

Beards are back--and thank goodness for that.

Flip through People Magazine's recent sexiest man alive issue and you will see beards on many of the men, including cover boy Johnny Depp. I don't know if it's art imitating life or the reverse, but beards on men seem to be hot right now, in more ways than one.

There is something about a nice beard on a man that really makes him look, well, like a man. Add a pair of glasses and a nice smile and-- excuse me while I swoon.
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How not to spice up your sex life: cherry lube

November 19, 2009

I've been on a health kick recently.

I started back at the gym with a trainer before work; I stopped eating carbs after dark and cut back on my junk food and alcohol consumption. The added exercise has increased both my metabolism and my sex drive.
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Shows "go gay" for ratings

November 4, 2009

TV shows are known for ratings stunts during sweeps.

Characters get married, have babies, die or visit alternate universes in order to stop an army of organic/mechanical hybrids that eat thermometers to stay alive--which seems plausible now that I've seen it on "Fringe."  

It seems lately that more shows are having characters get their gay on.
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Dressing young? Well, it's getting old

October 21, 2009

Let's do a little experiment.

Take a look at the people around you on the train or bus or wherever you are. I bet you can find at least one person who dresses too young for his or her age. You've seen them: that adult woman who thinks she is a Kardashian or an emo-looking guy who could be Pete Wentz's dad.

Last week, I sat on the bus across from a not-youthful man who was so obviously trying to hold onto his youth. He was wearing neon Reeboks, black skinny jeans with suspenders, an ironic T-shirt under an American Apparel hoodie. And he had an unkempt hairstyle that probably took 30 minutes to look like he just rolled out of bed. All of this was topped off with a scraggly Grizzly Adams beard.
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When 'single' or 'married' won't do

October 8, 2009

I recently signed up for a free account on a local radio station's Web site so I could win fabulous prizes and enter contests.

After providing the standard demographic information like age, ZIP code, favorite music type, I was asked to choose my marital status. My options were: married or single. Those were my only choices, and I am neither.
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Can't a guy just pee in peace?

September 24, 2009

I have a slight phobia, one that I never really discuss with anyone to great length but that I face several times a month.

I'm not referring to my irrational fear of zombies (although, scary!). I'm talking about my shy bladder.

It's not that I can't go at all in public restrooms, but I prefer to not have someone standing next to or near me when nature calls. I need to pee in peace.
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Should you add your one-night stand as a friend on Facebook?

August 27, 2009

Should you Facebook-friend your one-night stand?

A friend of mine, whom we will call "Kate," recently went on a first date with a guy she met online. The first date quickly turned into an extended late-night date, which then turned into an even later-late night date, which then turned into breakfast. (I'll let you fill in the blanks.)
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CTA riders: Hey, you with that big bag!

August 13, 2009

If you ride the bus or the "L," you know that approximately 15 percent of riders (that's my own guestimate) are ill-mannered jackasses.

They stand directly in the doorway, they throw food on the floor (how else do all those chicken bones get under the seats?) and they take up an empty seat with their belongings.
News flash: Your Dominick's groceries don't need a chair.
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Market Days bands worth extra cash?

July 30, 2009

How much are you willing to pay to enter one of Chicago's popular summer street festivals to see some great concerts--$5? $7? That seems like a reasonable amount to me.

But how about $30-$50?
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Beach fashions: White or wrong?

July 16, 2009

One of my favorite parts about living in Chicago is going to Hollywood Beach in the summer.
I love lying on the sand with my book and pretending I am in a tropical location. I enjoy watching the sailboats and mini-yachts cruise Lake Michigan.

And I especially like watching the cute boys and the odd fashion choices at the beach.
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