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March Madness

When it comes to sports, I am way out in right field—or is it left field? Whichever is worse.
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Parental Guidance Suggested

Parents tend to bring out the [???] in me!
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Underwear is fun to wear!

It used to be that you could tell a hetero guy from a homo guy by the way he dressed. “Fastidious” and “natty” were the terms used to describe well put together gay guys (think: Tim Gunn). And “Ridiculous” and “fratty” were used to describe straight guys (think: every guy at Sluggers). But that has changed in recent years...
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Check out my new column! Bromantic behavior!

Required Reading

A picture is worth a thousand…votes?

Would you care if a photo of you was nabbed from facebook and placed on a blog asking people to rank your hottness? That's exactly what happened to a friend of mine...
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